Vision, Mission, and Values
Our Vision
BBNSC will build on its strengths of nordic skiing and snowshoeing and open its facilities for sustainable, year-round, outdoor recreation.
Our Mission
BBNSC will provide residents of Upper Lake Melville with opportunities for affordable, high quality, nordic skiing and snowshoeing and will encourage and support other outdoor recreational pursuits.
Our Values
1. Respect: We are open to and respectful of divergent opinions and views. We listen actively and thoughtfully, even when we disagree with what's being said.

2. Volunteerism: We strive to create an environment where volunteers feel supported, valued, and an essential part of BBNSC's success.

3. Stewardship: We strive to protect, preserve and promote the use of our natural environment.

4. Accountability: We are committed to making effective use of human, financial, and infrastructure assets.

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