Groomer Report
John B. skied to Colin's Hut on January 29 (larger version)
Current trail conditions
April 19, 2017

The ski season is winding down and the Pisten Bully had its last outing for this season last weekend. It will soon be up on blocks for maintenance work.

Sun, warm daytime temperatures and cool nights make for very changeable snow conditions. The trails are still very skiable, particularly if you pick the right time of day. The Ginzu groomer is limited in what it can do, particularly if the snow is hard packed or icy, so it is difficult to predict when grooming will be possible. We hope to be able to touch up the trails with the Ginzu when the opportunity presents and will post an update if/when this happens.

Feedback from our members is very helpful. Please send your suggestions for improvement to Jim Shouse, our Grooming Chair, at

Generally, grooming priorities are based on a number of factors including weather forecasts, snow conditions, usage, special event requirements and financial considerations.

Some of John's photos from Colin's Heritage Trail:
view from Benton's Bump
ice falls on Colin's Heritage Trail

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