New 2014 Jackrabbit leaders: Grace de Beer, Kendra Grabo, Blair Brandon, Melvie Colbourne, Andrea Procter, Ana Maleeva-Karaivanova, Jennifer Madore, Charles Crocker student: Leila Procter (larger version)
2019-2020 Jackrabbit Program
Information about the Jackrabbit Program:

NEW! Ask about Track Attack for older youth who are already proficient skiers!


Program Contact:


Weather permitting, the program will start on January 25, 2020 and run until March 28, 2020. Lessons are held once a week, on Saturday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 pm.

Participants in the program must be Birch Brook members. A youth membership costs $70 unless the child is already included in a family membership. There is also a $15 Jackrabbit fee. For children who do not own their own ski equipment, Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club offers a 'season' rental of equipment for $80 which allows children to sign out their equipment for the duration of the program. Equipment will be available to sign out on over the weekend of January 18-19, 2020. Please register early so we can ensure that we have a supply of equipment for all participants. Equipment should be picked up prior to the child's first day of instruction.

The program at BBNSC is part of the Cross Country Canada Jackrabbit Ski program. As a Jackrabbit, your child is a member of the largest cross country ski association in North America!

The Jackrabbit Ski program is dedicated to encouraging young people to enjoy the sport of cross country skiing! The Jackrabbit program focuses on cross country ski development through fun activities and games that are appropriate to each age and skill level. We welcome parents, regardless of their skill level, to become involved in the program.


Bunny Rabbits are very young skiers, under 6 years of age. There is a strong emphasis on games at this Level. A parent should be willing to accompany and participate in sessions along with his/her child at the instructor's discretion. Sessions may be shorter than the regular Jackrabbit lessons. Participants must be 4 years of age.


The main Jackrabbit program covers skill development for children between the ages of 6 to 12. Four major skill sets are introduced: Basic skills, Classic skills, Skate skills, and Downhill skills. Emphasis is placed on using fun and games as a tool to introduce these skills. Overall enjoyment of the sport is our goal. The program not only recognizes achievements such as skill level competition and speed but also emphasizes ski outings between Jackrabbit sessions for which a 'Snow Goal' is awarded.

At Birch Brook we also include a class for older youth beginners who often advance a little more quickly through the program than the younger skiers.


Sessions run every Saturday for a period of 10 weeks starting on January 25, 2020. Lessons are from 1:30-3:00 pm. In case of a planned special event, leaders may choose to extend class time and parents will be notified ahead of time.


Children should dress in layers to allow body temperature control during activities. An outer wind layer is essential. Children should be prepared for each session with a hat, extra socks and extra mitts. They should also have warm boots and a warm coat to put on after the lesson when they may feel chilled.


Children should bring a water bottle and a snack. Normally the kids will be able to have their snacks at the Chalet once the class is completed. This is a great time for them to relax and socialize with their peers. If parents want to bring cookies or other snacks, from time to time, they are welcomed to leave them on the table at the Chalet.


Please arrive early to allow time to put on equipment (normally 15 minutes early). Once the Jackrabbit session is over, you are welcomed to stay and enjoy Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club with your children. You may want to practice new ski techniques and to log the extra kilometres needed for the reward stickers. Many parents take advantage of Jackrabbit time for personal recreation and exercise. Help yourself to complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate in the chalet.


All parents will be informed via e-mail if there is a cancellation of a class due to bad weather (or other reasons) no later than 11:00 am on that Saturday. Also, all information concerning the program will be sent to the parents via e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address, please let us know. Parents should also check the Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club website ( and Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club Facebook page for updates.


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