'We did it!'
Posted 18 March 2012, 9:06 pm NDT
John Houlahan, Colin Jones and John Bookalam skied to McLean Lake during the Irish Loop challenge. (larger version)
Congratulations everyone.

What a weekend of skiing and snowshoeing! In beautiful conditions on Saturday we managed to ski and snowshoe 948 kilometres. Today was a different story. The warm weather made the snow very soft and consequently much more energy was needed to get along. Well done to everyone who put in the effort, and pushed themselves that little bit further.

It seemed touch and go for a while, and it wasn't certain by any means that we were going to meet the challenge, but in the end, when everyone had recorded their distances back at the chalet, our total was 612 kilometres for today.

So our grand total for the St Patrick's, Ski the Distance to Boston Challenge was 1560 kilometres, and our target was 1451.

That's absolutely fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who made a commitment to the challenge, whether on skis or snowshoes. Thanks to everyone who brought along some food or drinks to share with all the other participants. Thanks to all those who work so hard to provide the incredible place that Birch Brook is, and thanks to those who did their part in the rental room this weekend, allowing others to join in with the challenge.

Where are we going next?


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