Summer Hiking Update
Posted 08 June 2020, 4:10 pm NDT
Hey Birch Brook Fans! Long time, no see!

We hope you're all doing well, and taking good care as we move through the stages of Covid-19.

As we move into Alert Level 3 today, we wanted to pass along some reminders for anyone heading out onto our trails this summer:

- Our trails are accessible to the public from the lower parking lot.
- Our trails are open only for hiking and running. Bikes are NOT permitted on our trails.
- We ask that you adhere to the most recent physical distancing and public health recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer of Health.
- Bears are quite active at Birch Brook so be sure to bring along a bear bell, bear banger, or bear spray.
- Dogs are permitted on our trails; however, we ask that you keep them on leash for their own safety should you encounter wildlife, as well as out of respect for other trail users that may be fearful of dogs.
- Please exercise caution at all times while using our trails, especially near our groomer shed where construction work is ongoing for a new building.
- Please ensure that you carry out everything that you carry in, and do not leave any garbage on our beautiful trails.
- There is a donation box available on the trail for anyone wishing to support Birch Brook operations.

Happy Adventuring and Stay Safe!

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