Loppet trail clearing
Jim Shouse and John Bookalam cleared the fallen trees and alders on the loppet trail to allow the snowmobile club groomer to make a trail for skiers to soon start practising for the Big Land Loppet`s 10th anniversary on March 16, 2013. The work on Jan. 8 was comprised of clearing the trail on the 10 km section of 22/44 km events and also 7 km of wooded section for the 11 km event. Once the Grand River Snowmobile Club groomer completes the loppet trail groom, there remains some brush-cutting for the next party of volunteers to complete. After and not before the bulk of the work was completed, Jim, being a former trapper, got the fire blazing, the water boiling, and prepared lunch hot over the fire -- homemade bread, delicious salmon and hot tea. It sounded like a boil-up(mug-up) and as a true trapper practising his craft, Jim bagged a Labrador spruce partridge -- a dinner for another outing. Attached are photos to verify some of these wise tales in the aforementioned. The loppet is just a small step towards a reality. Photos courtesy of John Bookalam
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