Hickey's work on backcountry trails
On Oct. 14, 2011, excavator operator Nicki Hickey fully grubbed and partialy grubbed the Gosling View, McLean Trail and McLean Re-route backcountry trails,. With his final highest elevation achieved atop the McLean Re-route Trail, he established a new distance record of 2 km and an approximate elevation of 250 feet. The McLean Re-route Trail terminates adjacent to the intersection of McLean Lake Trail and Birches Run. Thesed photos illustrate how dramatically rugged backcountry trails can be totally transformed by an experienced operator. Thanks to the Hickey brothers et al, for demonstrating their loyalty, generosity and patience to fit us in to their already taxing work schedule. As a result of their efforts, grooming, skiing and snowshoeing will be a lot easier and for sure more fun. Now let`s pray for a meterological miracle - a winter with lots of snow. Photos courtesy of John Bookalam, Oct. 14, 2011.
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