Snowshoeing at Birch Brook
Donna on the summit of D6. Another part of the challenge completed! (larger version)
Snowshoe Trails
"Walking on the Land" is a wonderful project that has recently been completed, made possible by a George Roberts Community Grant from NunatuKavut.

There is a new sign by the side of Robin's Route near the start of A1 with a map showing the entire network. There are 11 other signs in strategic areas also showing the entire map but indicating YOU ARE HERE and there is an accompanying brochure.
Snowshoe brochure side 1
Snowshoe brochure side 2

Here are some samples of the trail signs:
Western Ridge Hiking
Outer Rim Hiking Trails
Birches & Lookouts
Ridges & Ravines

As funds continue to be raised from the red collection box at the off season Trailhead Kiosk by the Cordwood Building, additional signs of this type will continue to go up. It is hoped that these signs will be of interest and use to hikers throughout the seasons. Please note that the hiking routes may not be used for biking.

Snowshoe trails were designed at Birch Brook to create a separate network completely apart from the ski trails. Each route encompasses a significant destination. Our scenic trails are definitely worth exploring! Trail maps are available at the chalet. If you are unfamiliar with the area, never go out without a map. You can print your own or get one from the chalet. Some people use this site to get a map for their phones.

The lettering system was used to indicate different points of origin and has nothing to do with the level of difficulty. Each new trail within an area is numbered. It does look confusing at first, but trails are marked with flagging tape, there are lots of signs and it doesn't really take that long to gain familiarity. The system is evolving.

We encourage snowshoers with a broad range of abilities to try our trails. Beginners will find A1 and C1 easily accessible from the cabin and good trails to start on. Experts have many options to explore the outer trails and lookouts.

Please do not walk on the groomed ski trails except to cross over to a snowshoe trail.

Check back often to discover new bits of trail being added to the map. New in 2016: E3 and E4. This year look for extensions to D5 and D7. Here is the most recent map: snowshoe trail map 2017

Snowshoe trail E3

Snowshoe Trail Map

At the start of D6


Periodically, and if there's interest, there may be guided snowshoe hikes on weekends. These hikes are a great opportunity to get acquainted with our beautiful network of snowshoe trails.

Five Hills Challenge poster

The Five Hills Challenge encompasses every snowshoe trail shown on the trail maps. It is not a race, but a personal challenge and an opportunity to experience the variety of terrain and woodlands that our trails pass through.

It is for snowshoers of reasonable fitness. Each participant is responsible for his or her own preparation to meet the challenge. The $5.00 registration fees cover the cost of administration.

The challenge is not monitored, but is based on the honour system whereby each individual completes routes and then signs and dates his or her own Five Hills Challenge card.

The snowshoe trail maps show five areas, a, b, c, d, and e. Each area includes a significant climb; some steep, some gradual. Although areas can be attempted in any order, each area must be completed in full and recorded at the chalet before starting on another area. Each area starts and finishes at the chalet. Trails taken to and from the various areas are at the choice of the participant.

Once all the trails have been completed, a Birch Brook Five Hills pin will be awarded to the successful participant and their name recorded on the list of successful snowshoers.

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