Birch Brook is run by volunteers
Birch Brook has been run by volunteers for over 30 years. This has allowed the club to be fully sustainable and able to move steadily forward with improvements.

The facility is a year round operation so the types of volunteer requirements depend on the season. From November to March or April, the emphasis, of course, is on running a ski and snowshoe venue. Volunteers groom trails, service machinery, teach ski lessons, work in the chalet rental office, clean the chalet, and administer chalet rentals among other tasks. The off-season is a time for trail development and maintenance as well as maintenance of the various buildings. There are chalet rentals to administer. It requires many hundreds of volunteer hours to keep it all going.

The club belongs to all of us, so get involved ! There is a role for anyone with a bit of time to spare. During ski season, the most pressing need for volunteers is in staffing the rental office.

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